Fine Arts Montage

Fine Arts

Fine Arts in Grosse Ile Township consist of three areas:  Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts (Theatre).  Below you can read about these areas.  Click on the heading to find out more information.

Visual Arts

OBJECTIVES: The Grosse Ile High School art program strives to provide students with:


  • An understanding and appreciation of their artistic and cultural heritage
  • Expressive and creative opportunities for experiences with art tools and materials in a sequential process
  • The ability to describe, analyze, interpret and make critical judgments about the form and content of art
  • The opportunity to explore the philosophy of aesthetics.

Since attendance and participation are the basis for developing any level of skill, extensive absences will affect the grade and could be cause for loss of credit.


OBJECTIVES: The Music Department strives to achieve the following objectives for each student:


  • Basic understanding of the medium of sound as it applies to her/his own instrument or voice
  • Technical facility on her/his instrument (voice)
  • Perception of the basic elements of: pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, tone quality, balance and blend
  • Facility at score reading
  • Exposure to the historical periods of music viewed with perspective
  • A sense of individual contribution to a group objective

It is the goal of the music department to offer a wide variety of ensemble experiences in which students can participate throughout their high school careers. We strongly recommend that students plan to register for both semesters of the ensemble of their choice. This decision will enable them to continue their musical growth without interruptions that can stunt their progress as developing performers. It will also strengthen the entire department to have a majority of students commit to excellence and artistic maturity through continuous dedication to their ensembles.

Performing Arts:  Theatre

Grosse Ile High School's Thespian Troupe 2860 is one of thousands of troupes belonging to the International Thespian Society, an international organization created to promote theater education and reward students who actively participate in their school's drama program.

Grosse Ile's Performing Arts program  is designed for students who have a serious interest in drama, performing arts, and the technical aspects of theatre production.  Students will explore the origins and elements of drama as an art form.  Emphasis will be equally placed on development of voice and body as an acting medium as well as the technical aspects of theatre production.  Technical aspects of theatre production includes theatre safety and terminology, scenery and prop design, costuming and makeup. 

Each semester Grosse Ile High School's Thespian Troupe 2860 produces a play.  In the next week, pictures of their most recent production should be posted on the Theatre pages.  Please check back soon to see picture of past productions and to find more information about upcoming productions.