GI Advantage
Grosse Ile Township Schools

Grosse Ile Township Schools
23276 East River Rd
Grosse Ile, MI  48138

Office Phone:  734-362-2555


did you know?

"The number one factor in academic achievement is parental involvement. Ninety-nine percent of our elementary school parents attend parent teacher conferences and every day, parents provide the hands and heart to complement learning."

-Dena Dardzinski, Retired Grosse Ile Township Schools Superintendent


Grosse Ile enjoys many advantages over other school districts and communities: a unique island environment; supportive people who value education; an educational system that meets individual needs and fulfills future dreams; people who demonstrate service to others; updated and safe learning facilities; and notable achievements that embrace high expectations and excellence in action. This is the GROSSE ILE ADVANTAGE - Achievement, Vision, Community.

Grosse Ile Township Schools is consistently a Top 10 district in Michigan, providing a focused, personalized and supportive learning environment. Achievement - Community - Vision.  To learn more about the Grosse Ile Advantage, click on the links below or contact William Eis, Superintendent.