Technology Plan 2012-2015

Technology is considered a required communication skill of the modern era and all participants - students and staff members alike - must have mastery of this skill if they are to successfully interact with their ever-changing environment. The district is committed to providing the necessary resources to achieve this goal. A number of strategies have been developed to ensure that progress toward this goal is continuous.

  1. An articulated K-5 Computer Education Curriculum was written that required the learning of specific computer skills from K-5th grades. Specific skills have been defined as are strategies to integrate those skills into all content areas of instruction.
  2. All curricula are developed with the expectation that technology integration be written into the curriculum plan.
  3. Multiple opportunities for students to learn about technology are provided. Additional technology course opportunities have been added at the middle school and high school levels.
  4. The district is committed to provide the tools and training to make us a world class district.

State Approved Technology Plan:  2012-2015 

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