School Start Times                               Start                     End                  Half Days

     Parke Lane Elementary                       8:13 AM               3:10 PM          8:13-11:40 AM

     Meridian Elementary                          7:58 AM               2:55 PM          7:58-11:25 AM

     Grosse Ile Middle School                   7:28 AM               2:25 PM          7:28-10:55 AM

     Grosse Ile High School                       7:28 AM               2:30 PM          7:28-11:00 AM*

                                                                       *High School half day end times may vary.


2015-2016 Bus Stop Routes and Maps

PDF DocumentMiddle/High School Bus Routes

PDF DocumentHigh School Bus Route Map

PDF DocumentElementary School Bus Map

PDF DocumentElementary School Bus Routes

In addition to the daily routes, GITS provides transportation services for approximately 375 athletic events and 185 school & community related field trips each year. Each day GITS buses shuttle students to and from Vocational classes as well as many special education programs in surrounding districts.

The Transportation Department is proud of its annual Michigan State Police inspections, safety record and its efficiency in meeting the numerous needs of the GITS and community.