Fall 08 Getting Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities in the Grosse Ile Schools are many! GIVE provides invaluable assistance for our students in many ways and helps to make Grosse Ile Schools the excellent schools that they are. Below, is a list of just some of the volunteer opportunities that are available in our schools.


  • Classroom assistance (journal, SRA/SRS, etc.)
  • Computer Labs
  • Field trips
  • Book fairs
  • Book swaps
  • Bake Sales
  • Special Event Days (Career Day, Field Day, AR Picnic, Fun Run)
  • Science Day
  • Classroom parties and special events
  • Tutoring
  • Motor Moms and Dads Program
  • PAT sponsored events (Santa Shop, Arts Day, etc...)
  • Bookstores
  • Battle of the Books
  • Media Center assistance


These are just some of the ways a GIVE Volunteer can assist in the schools. Generally an email or a purple GIVE note will come home with volunteer opportunities but not always. Please feel free to contact a GIVE Building Coordinator for your school if you have any questions or if you have not been contacted to volunteer and you wish to do so.