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Alexandra Papalas


Time Between: 2:30- -3:00


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Deutsch...was gibt 's Neue? 

Wilkommen zu einem neuen Schuljahr!  Alles wird bestimmt ganz gut gehen.     


German Program Information: 

There are four levels of German here, 1, 2,3, amd 4.  Because of the small sizes, there are really two split classes.  Levels 1 and 2 are together and Levels 3 and 4 are together.  As class sizes increase, these may split in to two separate sections, but not until the numbers for the individual classes are above 22.  Since we have no current textbook, I am following the current Deutsch Aktuell textbook format, which is very adaptable.  I provide the students with units in xerox form , along with worksheets, exercises and tests.    Tuesdays and Thursdays are usual test/quiz  days, and all of these are announced well ahead of time.    If students are absent, they need to make up what was missed after school on Monday or Wednesday with their teacher  Other arrrangements can be made privately with the teacher.   Accomodations for students needing special arrangements can also be easily managed.  

Although these classes are halftime classes, they still fulfill the requirements sets forth by the Michigan State Standards and Benchmarks.  All five language strands will be addressed: listening, writing, reading, speaking and cultural issues. 

About the Teacher:

Frau Papalas has 34 years of teaching experience, first at Plymouth-Canton High School, and then here, all of it in German   Curriculum and strong foundations in grammar are her speciality.  It is a broad-based approach, very successful with high school students.    Additionally, last year, Craig Carrico won the Bundestag Scholarship to Germany, with a value of $47,000, and William Aycock is studying at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA for service in the army.