"Learning Together...Everyone...Every Day "

Our Collective Commitments

  1.  We will make research based decisions.

  2.  We will use student data to drive our instruction.

  3.  We will collaborate when making decisions.

  4.  We will create a curriculum that develops creative thinking and problem  solving.

  5.  We will have students speak and present as part of their learning.

  6.  We believe that technology is important in our school.

School Improvement Goals


  • All students will improve their writing process in developing a topic with ample details

  • All students will improve their math skills in the area of fractions

  • All students will improve their reading skills in comparing and contrasting information in various texts

Online Learning

The Grosse Ile Township school district believes that online learning opportunities can be positive learning experience for students.  In accordance with state law (388.1621f Online Courses ) students in grades 5 - 12 may take one or two online courses per semester either during the school day, or on their own as a course above and beyond those taken at a district school.  To view the Michigan Department of Education Online Course Catalog click here .