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Grosse Ile Middle School
23270 East River
Grosse Ile,  MI  48138

Main Office  Phone:  734-362-2500

School Hours:
Full Day:  7:26 AM - 2:25 PM

Half Day: 7:26 AM - 10:55 AM


Principal:  David Tucker 



Secretary: Sandy Gatt




AdvancEd Seal (1)

Mission Statement

"Focus on learning; Success will follow"


School Improvement Goals  

1. All students will attain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and improve their ability to apply mathematical concepts in problem solving situations. 

2.  An increase of 10% in the number of students proficient on NWEA reading assessments.

3.  All students will increase writing scores on the MSTEP with all students scoring proficient or highly proficient


Collective Commitments


  • We believe that all of our students can be proficient and we need to provide the extra time and instruction so that they are.
  • It is our job to ensure that all of the students are proficient .
  • We will make decisions based on research and the preponderance of evidence even when our own opinions and local experience suggest a different path. 
  • We will collaborate to make decisions and improve our skills.
  • We will continue to increase the frequency and proficiency of "student centered learning."

Want to know more about our Grading Policy?

Click here for a further discussion about standards based grading

Grading in the Middle School

PDF DocumentGrading in the MIddle School

PDF DocumentHow to Calculate your Grades

PDF DocumentRetake Ticket


Online Learning

The Grosse Ile Township school district believes that online learning opportunities can be positive learning experiences for students.  In accordance with state law (388.1621f Online Courses ) students in grades 5 - 12 may take one or two online courses per semester either during the school day, or on their own as a course above and beyond those taken at a district school.  To view the Michigan Department of Education Online Course Catalog click here .



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