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New Hope Center Grief Support Program 

Grief is a journey... that doesn't have to be taken alone.

If you are starting on this journey or know someone who is, we are here to help by providing compassionate care and understanding. Grief is difficult. But to go through it alone, without the understanding support of others, is unnecessary.

New Hope Center for Grief Support is a Christian based bereavement outreach center that provides grief support services to adults, teens and children through groups, individual support, seminars and other resources. People of all faiths are encouraged and invited to participate.

New Hope specializes in offering age and loss specific support to all who are grieving. If you attend one of our free support groups, you will, typically be placed in a group with others who have had a similar loss.

In our eight week series we often also offer specific groups for parent loss, sibling loss, suicide loss, etc. The series begins with a live presentation from a grief specialist which provides information and education about the grief process.

As a resource center, New Hope has an updated referral list of qualified counselors and lists of other groups available in southeastern Michigan.


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