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Career Awareness and Exploration

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Students at the middle school have been introduced to Career Cruising, an exciting career program that assists students in exploring careers that suit their interests. We would like parents, as well as students, to take advantage of this site. Career cruising is an Internet site which can be accessed from school or home. Below is the information you will need to log on: 

  • URL:
  • Students who have opened and entered information on their personal EDP have an additional username and password. Students and counselors have this information.

What is career cruising?

Career Cruising is the complete guidance system and has been designed with one goal in mind: to help your child plan their future. Included in the program are assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information.

What tools are available through career cruising?

  • Career matchmaker
  • Find career that meet needs and goals
  • Skills to careers
  • How careers relate to skills and interest
  • Multimedia interviews
  • Direct links between careers and education programs
  • Education planning
  • Detailed information on colleges, universities and other training
  • Career portfolio development
  • Financial aid information 

Seventh Graders take an interest inventory, set short term and long term goals, and are introduced to the Career Pathways System. The interest inventory called "matchmaker" generates a potential career list. Students can then explore these careers using the extensive database in the program. All of this information is then saved in a password protected electronic file called an Educational Development Plan (EDP). Students can access their personal file at school or at home using a computer, an internet, and their personal log in information.

Eighth Grade students participate in many activities which help them transition to high school. In February every year they will update EDP’s from seventh grade. They will attend the 9th Grade Orientation and learn the high school graduation requirements, college requirements and the importance of having a goal and plan for the future, and explore choices available after high school. A high school counselor will follow up with a presentation and answer any questions students may have before they begin scheduling for the next year. The students seem very knowledgeable by the time high school course requests are available.