Elementary Curriculum

Both of the Grosse Ile elementary schools are a source of well-deserved community pride.  For the past four years both Meridian Elementary and Parke Lane Elementary have received a grade of "A" on their Michigan School Report Card.  The Michigan School Report Card is the State of Michigan’s way of measuring how well its schools are educating their children.  Every school and school district in the state is rated by the same measure:  the Michigan Educational Assessment Program, also known as the MEAP. Creating the academic environment that promotes this success is the result of Grosse Ile's sustained professional commitment to assure that our curriculum is aligned to State standards (http://www.Michigan.gov/mde) and is delivered by outstanding professionals using dynamic and interactive methods of instruction.  Sensitive to each child's needs and using formative assessment to guide their instruction, our teachers are diagnostic and prescriptive educators who craft constructivist learning environments that assure these most important early years of education are postiive, compelling and successful.