High School Curriculum

Whether professionally teaming to investigate co-teaching methods so that all students are successful in high-stakes content classes or to implement a state-of-the-art college application process or to craft an instructional day that allows for rigor and electives, educators at Grosse Ile High School are a group of highly qualified professionals enthusiastically committed to assuring success and excellence for all of our secondary students. Scoring above state averages on the MME ( [PDF Document]  2011 MME  Scores) while simultaneously providing learning opportunities in advanced study, music, art, sports and career technology,  Grosse Ile High School is an exemplar of the advantages afforded by a small, yet high-performing and strategic learning community.  Grosse Ile Township Schools works with parents to meet the challenges of the academic cross-roads at which all Michigan school districts find themselves at this point in time.  Grosse Ile High School provides the best of what parents want their young adults experiencing in their 9-12 education: quality and variety in a caring environment that realizes the importance of the individual as well as the importance of success .

Michigan Merit Curriculum

The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires that all secondary schools in the State of Michigan create a learning environment that supports and enables students  to proficiently perform on the rigorous new set of statewide graduation requirements that are among the best in the nation. 
The Grosse Ile Township Schools district has long recognized that high school success depends on the success of a student's K-8 learning experience.   Our continues to work diligently, to assure alignment and instructional differentiation to all students up to and including their secondary experience.  We authentically believe that all Grosse Ile students can make progress in meeting the academic requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. 
Grosse Ile Township Schools applauds our State for providing this ambitious benchmark for all Michigan students.  For parents, however, understanding this new curriculum can be daunting.  For your convenience, we have included a brief tutorial for navigating the State of Michigan website (http://www.Michigan.gov/mde) entitled "Navigating the GLCEs" which you will find on this page and to the right of this column.   Taking the time to explore this state website is a worth while event.