Enrollment Information

Residents of the Grosse Ile Township School district can enroll their children at the Administration Building, 23276 East River Road, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  Appointments can be made by calling Amy Wischow, Student Services, 734-362-2580. Forms on this website may be completed ahead of time, but you must complete the enrollment process in person.

If you are enrolling your child for Kindergarten please visit our Kindergarten Options page for more information.

At the time of registration, the following information must be presented for each child:

  • Proof of student identity and age by showing a certified birth certificate. Failure to do so will result in the referral of the case to the local law enforcement agency for investigation as required by Michigan Law (P.A. 415 as amended 1987).

  • Legal guardianship papers (if you are not the parent).

  • Custody papers (if applicable) Divorce decree or other document proving custody of the child(ren).

  • Copies of your child's immunization records signed by a physician or health facility. The Michigan Department of Community Health specifies what immunizations are needed. 

  • Health Appraisal form must be signed by a physician or health facility (Kindergarten students and new students to Michigan).

  • Student's vision screening test results (Kindergarten).

  • Proof of Residency. In order to complete enrollment, parent(s)/guardian(s) or person in loco parentis must reside in a dwelling that is located within the geographical boundaries of Grosse Ile Township Schools. Parent or Guardian must show current Driver's License or State ID.  Also, two of the following verifications of residency are required:

    - Mortgage Statement - Current Lease/Rental Agreement (signed)
    - Closing Statement - Gas Bill or Deposit Receipt
    - Current Property Tax Bill - Phone Bill or Deposit Receipt
    - Eletric Bill or Deposit Receipt - Cable Bill


  • Completed Student Registration Forms for each child. Information needed on these forms include: Parent/Guardian emergency numbers; Emergency contacts other than parents; doctor's name and phone number; name, address and phone numbers of previous schools attended; other agreements, disclosures and acknowledgements. Please see Required Student Registration Forms below. 

Required Student Registration Forms

PDF DocumentStudent Enrollment
PDF DocumentMcKinney Vento Eligibility
PDF DocumentInternet Acceptable Use Form/Communication Release
PDF DocumentConcussion Awareness
PDF DocumentRequest for Student Records
PDF DocumentConsent Disclosure
PDF DocumentHealth Appraisal (only needed for Kindergarten students and students new to Michigan)

For use after enrollment when changing address:

PDF DocumentChange of Address