The Grosse Ile Township Schools has many opportunities for parents and the community at large to get involved in building brighter futures for our students. Reading to children, serving as guest speakers, assisting with PAT/PTO, chaperoning on school field trips and serving on school based improvement committees are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities that are available. If you are interested in getting involved and sharing your time and talents, please contact one or more of the organizations listed below to help make a difference.

Legislative Link - The purpose of the Legislative Link is to provide essential information to our constituents so they can continue to support the educational opportunities provided here. As a district, our role is to advocate for our students. This means we must supply essential information to help all stakeholders become knowledgeable about their local schools.

Grosse Ile Education Foundation - The Grosse Ile Educational Foundation, Inc is a volunteer non-profit community organization committed to life long educational Lady on Bike Fall 08experiences for the students and families of Grosse Ile. We do this by financially supporting creative and exemplary educational opportunities provided through Grosse Ile Township Schools and the community.

Parent and Teacher Booster Club (PAT) - Grosse Ile PAT Booster Club is a membership organization of parents, teachers, and administrators with the common goal of raising funds to finance supplemental enrichment programming and other items to our elementary schools as deemed important and necessary by the membership on the advisement of our principals and administrators. We provide supplementary resources for a wide variety of programs.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) -The Grosse Ile Parent & Teacher Organization (PTO) provides you with an easy way to stay involved and informed during your students middle and high school years. The 3 meetings held during the year offer a wonderful opportunity for parents, faculty, and administration to share concerns and exchange valuable information about the district and about our children's school. As we become better informed, we are able to stay abreast of school changes and options available for our children. The PTO is an excellent way to become a more involved parent.

Grosse Ile Volunteer Effort (GIVE) - GIVE is a program that utilizes parent and community volunteers in our schools. Any person volunteering in the schools must be a GIVE Volunteer which means that they have submitted a Background Screen FoParents Sitting Fall 08rm (police clearance) and that they have also viewed a GIVE orientation.

Athletic Booster - The Athletic Booster was founded in 1959 and provides both financial and volunteer support to our Middle School and High School Athletic programs.

Music Booster - Music Boosters was founded in 1969 and supports the music programs and the educators with financial, moral and physical help when needed to all music programs, K-12.


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