Background Screen Form

In order to provide an additional layer of security for our students, volunteers, and staff, GIVE will require YEARLY Background Screening for each volunteer from the Michigan State Police. The screening information will be received and reviewed by a School Administrative Representative. In the event a volunteer's screening reveals a conviction record in the areas of: assault and battery of a minor or mentally handicapped person, criminal sexual conduct in all degrees involving a minor, kidnapping of a minor, distribution and trafficking of controlled substances, or intent to commit any of these crimes, the volunteer will be notified of immediately.  

Any volunteer who refuses to provide information necessary for the background screening, will be excluded from participation in the GIVE program.

If any volunteer commits an applicable crime after they have had police clearance, it is their responsibility to contact the School Administrative Representative to have their name discreetly removed voluntarily from the GIVE database list. GIVE database lists are posted in all of the schools and accessible to staff as well as community members. 

Instructions for volunteering:


  1. Interested volunteer can obtain an iChat form from building secretary or an electronic version can be found below. 
  2. Volunteer completes the iChat form and returns to school office.
  3. Office secretary runs iChat.
  4. Volunteer will be notified when approved. 

  PDF DocumentiChat Form