School/Student Health Information and Resources

General Health Information

Immunization Requirements 

Key Points Related to Claiming a Nonmedical Immunization Waiver

Where to Obtain an Immunization Waiver
Teen Vaccines Information For Parents
‚ÄčThe Flu - Information for Schools on Influenza and Vaccines

Center for Disease Control  This website will provide you with a wealth of information about topics such as flu, ADHD, head lice and nutrition.

Medical Forms 

The Board of Education Policy 5330 states "Before any medication or treatment may be administered to any student during school hours, the Board shall require the written prescription from the child's physician and be placed on file in the adminstrative offices."  The appropriate form below must be  printed, signed by both parent and physician, and kept on file in the school office.

School-Based Asthma Management Plan

Medical Management Plan

Permission Form for Prescribed Medication- Over the Counter

Permission Form for Prescribed Medication

FARE - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Seizure Action Plan

Diabetes Management Plan - your health provider will provide a plan for you to submit to your school