Lourdes University has developed a “FLEXible BSN” to meet the needs of graduating high school students interested in completing their nursing studies (BSN) in 3 years.

Lourdes offers the necessary nursing prerequisites and required nursing courses in a flexible course schedule in fall, spring and summer terms permitting nursing students to complete their degree requirements in 3 calendar years. This approach is unique and facilitates the acceleration of a student’s progress to obtain a BSN; allowing the student to enter the work force one year earlier than a traditional collegiate schedule.   It also allows students who may need to take courses in the summer term to stay on track due to work or athletics.

Additionally, Lourdes instituted a 3.0 Direct Admission to Nursing whereby a student that has attained a 3.0 High School GPA or better, and has a 22 ACT/ 1120 SAT can be admitted into the nursing program as long as he/she maintains a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in their pre-requisite college courses.  This assures a guaranteed seat in the Nursing major.

Lourdes is  offering several “Nursing Visit Days” in the spring. We also welcome any interested students to make an appointment and we will gladly show them around campus, introduce them to nursing students, provide a tour of our labs, and the opportunity to attend a nursing class.

Nursing is a career that lasts a lifetime. The Harris Poll recognizes Nursing as being one of the most prestigious professions. The Gallup poll states Nursing has been recognized as the most ethical and honest of professions for 15 consecutive years. Additionally, nursing offers excellent pay, benefits and working conditions with the opportunity for employees to pursue their degree through employer covered tuition reimbursement. There are approximately 105 types of nursing careers available to a licensed registered nurse.  Attached you will find an information sheet that outlines the opportunities and benefits of Nursing as a career choice. Please share this with your students.

Hollis Hamilton, DNP, RN                                           
Dean of the College of Nursing