Meridian Elementary

Hello and welcome to Meridian Elementary! Our staff is dedicated to providing a world-class education focused on rigorous academics, research-based instruction, and a commitment to character. Our students are engaged in a high level of learning every day. A cornerstone of education in the Grosse Ile Township Schools, Meridian Elementary serves students in grades 3-5. You can see what's happening in our school by following our twitter feed on the left, get updated through our weekly newsletter above, or simply stop in! We'd love to have you visit our school and work together to create the best environment for our children. Take care and talk soon,

Joe Reimann, Meridian Elementary Principal

School Improvement Goals

  • All students will improve their writing process in developing a topic with ample details
  • All students will improve their math skills in the area of fractions
  • All students will improve their reading skills in comparing and contrasting information in various texts

Monthly Character Builders

At Meridian, we choose to be:

September: Be Kind                                              February: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
October: Be Proactive                                          March: Be a Reader
November: Begin with the End in Mind             April: Synergize
December: Put First Things First                          May: Sharpen the Saw
January: Think Win-Win