Extracurricular Activities

Grosse Ile Middle School has 4 seasons for sports that are available to our 7th and 8th graders: Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2, and Spring. More information regarding Middle School athletics at our Athletics page

Builders Club is an international organization providing members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.

Builders Club Calendar

Students who are interested in joining Builders Club will need to have a permission slip and photo release for Kiwanis.  Please send signed forms in with your student.  

Builders Club Permission to Participate Form

Kiwanis Photo Release Form

The Grosse Ile Middle School Distinguished Scholar Program is an opportunity for the highest achieving students to extend their learning outside the traditional classroom. Students admitted to the program will create personal projects, receive professional mentorship, and pursue topics in which they are passionate. 

The Grosse Ile Middle School Robotics team, also known as IntelliGIMS, is a registered team of the international FIRST League. Comprised of 7th and 8th graders, we participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The team is for students interested in being better prepared for science, technology, engineering, and math studies in high school and beyond. We are excited to be building, programming and driving our robot as well as tracking our team operations. Our main focus is on trying to perform all tasks in a seasonal game. Another part of our team is to develop a sustainability plan with the goal of giving back to our community.

Science Olympiad is a science team that consists of 25+ events.  Some are building events, some are knowledge events.  The students have about 5 months in which to learn everything they can about the topics they chose to compete, working closely with 1 or more teammates to become the best at their events.  These include things like building the lightest but strongest Tower to support a hanging weight, Anatomy and Physiology to learn about the Endocrine & Nervous System, Roller Coaster, Wind Power, and Dynamic Planet to name just a few.  Then our team competes against 20-30 other schools who are preparing for those same events.  It's a great time to show off your science skills, hang with your friends, win some medals and bragging rights.

Student government is important and a needed introduction as to how communities run in our society. Student council students meet everyday and plan activities for all students to engage in throughout the school year. The activities they sponsor range from clothing and food drives to dances and end-of-the-year activities. This year, during the Christmas season, they held a contest and collected over 500 pair of pajamas for the needy.

The WEB program was an exciting addition to our school. It was implemented four years ago and teaches eighth graders to become mentors for the incoming sixth graders. They also serve as role models for the entire school. The eighth graders are trained during the summer and ready once the school year begins. They get together with the sixth graders throughout the school year and their responsibility is: being a friend, giving advice, and offering another type of leadership in our school.