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The Grosse Ile High School counseling office stands as the heartbeat of our school, dedicated to serving and supporting our students. With a commitment to addressing personal, academic, and social needs, the counseling team encourages students to reach out at any time. Our role goes beyond academic guidance, extending to helping students navigate the intricacies of school life, work, and community integration.

The counseling office is the hub where students and parents can connect with assigned counselors, seeking assistance in various aspects of their educational journey. With a wealth of information on post-secondary options, scholarships, and more, the counseling office is a vital resource, embodying the care and commitment that defines our school community.

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Student Learning Opportunities

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Accelerated learning opportunities encompass a range of educational pathways such as dual enrollment, online courses, work-based learning experiences, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and direct college programs. These options enable students to engage in advanced coursework, earn college credits, and gain practical skills that accelerate their academic and career readiness beyond traditional high school settings.

Career Exploration

Career exploration is a crucial aspect of a student’s high school journey, influencing their direction after graduation and providing motivation throughout their academic years. Whether students plan to attend a university, community college, trade school, enter the military, or join the workforce, it is essential they gather sufficient knowledge and information to assess their path effectively. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with Michigan Career Pathways and National Career Clusters as they begin to consider their post-secondary plans. Meeting with their school counselor and utilizing available resources is highly recommended to explore global career opportunities, stay informed about employment trends, and understand the educational requirements for various professions. Below are recommended websites to aid in this exploration:

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****Please note that the counseling office will be out from June 21, 2024, and will return on August 19, 2024. Appointment requests will be reviewed once the office reopens. Thank you for your understanding.

Counseling Hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM