Student Handbook

This handbook will highlight school policies and procedures, which are based on the concept of "choices and consequences" in which students are helped to understand their individual power of choice and the individual societal consequences of those choices. Students who are disciplined for making poor choices that violate our behavioral expectations will be required to review their choice and its consequence, and then look at some alternative choices they could have made with more positive impact. Our students will have to accept personal responsibility for their own actions and the results of those actions throughout their lives. The "choices and consequences" approach helps students understand accountability and empowers them to achieve more desirable results by encouraging them to think about the likely consequences before choosing to engage in any action. The teachers and administrators are all available to support students in making wise choices that have desirable consequences. 

Together we all make a difference . . . we can, and will continue to focus our attention at Grosse Ile Elementary Schools on developing intelligent and happy children with strong values.